Kangaroo Court Issues Crooked Ruling


In a decision as phony as the charges, the Local 804 Executive Board has found some former officers  guilty of embezzlement. Their crooked ruling reeks of dirty politics and it will be thrown out.

The kangaroo court decision will not go into effect until all appeals are decided.

Under the Teamster Constitution, the wrongfully accused officers will appeal to Joint Council 16 and, if necessary, to the International Union.

At that point, if the crooked findings are still in effect, the decision will go to federal court where it will be thrown out.

Read the brief that destroys the phony charges and bogus verdict. 

Here are the simple facts:

  • Phony Charges: The former Executive Board did nothing wrong. They paid themselves their accrued vacation, in accordance with the bylaws, state law and the past instructions of International Union auditors. No violation occurred. Case closed.
  • Kangaroo Court: By law and the Teamster Constitution, the hearing panel must be impartial. Before any hearing was held, the Executive Board said repeatedly on the record that the charged members were guilty. They appointed themselves to be judge and jury in the case anyway and refused to recuse themselves. That alone will get the phony verdict thrown out.
  • The $400/Hour Liar: Attorneys are forbidden in internal union hearings. But the Executive Board was too incompetent to prosecute their own rigged case. So they paid $400 an hour to Hoffa attorney Roland Acevedo, a convicted felon, to be their prosecutor and sole witness. Acevedo gave only hearsay testimony and was repeatedly caught lying on the stand.

The Truth Behind the Charges

The Executive Board ran on a platform of making our union “804 Strong.” Instead, our local has never been weaker.

The Executive Board has lost the support of the members. They are desperate to prevent real Teamsters from running against them in the Local 804 election next year.

That’s why they are filing phony charges, holding kangaroo courts, and letting management fire good stewards. It won’t work.

Local 804 members are sticking together. We will defend each other on the job and in our union.

We are taking legal action. Hoffa may not throw out the charges, but a federal judge will.

Local 804 doesn’t belong to Hoffa or UPS. It belongs to the members.

Read the brief that destroys the phony charges and bogus verdict. 



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